Plastic Air Bags

Plastic Air Bags

Shippers Products manufacture a wide range of plastic air bags. These include lightweight Vinyl bags as well as Heavyweight Polywoven Air Bags for different applications.

Vinyl Air Bags: These reusable and recyclable air bags are widely used in the shipping industry for many applications. These are lightweight bags which are extremely durable and flexible.

Polywoven Bags: The Polywoven bags, similar to the Paper Air Bags are widely used in the industry for lightweight shipping up to heavyweight. Their woven construction allows them to be reused many times and they are weatherproof as well.

Level 1 bag (L1): This bag is AAR (American Association of Railroads) approved. It is used in Truck, Intermodal and Sea Container transportation. It is made of Extensible Kraft Paper with PE lining and will widthstand up to 3psi.

Level 2 bag (L2): As a heavyweight and AAR Verified bag, it is used in Truck, Intermodal and Sea Container. It can be filled up to 5psi and it is used in containers which weigh less than 75,000lbs.

Level 3 bag (L3): This heavy weight bag can be used on Rails and Vessels which carry between 75,000lbs up to 160,000lbs. It can be filled up to 8psi and it is AAR Verified.

Level 4 bag (L4): As the heaviest weight bag in the industry, this bag can be used in Rails and Vessels from 160,000lbs up to 205,000lbs. It can be filled up to 10psi and it is AAR Verified.

Item NumberDescription
L1W36036TFPolywoven Air Bag 36" x 36"
L1W36048TFPolywoven Air Bag 36" x 48"
L1W36066TFPolywoven Air Bag 36" x 66"
L1W36072TFPolywoven Air Bag 36" x 72"
L1W36084TFPolywoven Air Bag 36" x 84"
L1W48048TFPolywoven Air Bag 48" x 48"
L1W48072TFPolywoven Air Bag 48" x 72"
L1W48084TFPolywoven Air Bag 48" x 84"
L1W48096TFPolywoven Air Bag 48" x 96"