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Since 1986, Inter-Strap Packaging Systems, Inc. has been servicing Puerto Rico and the Caribbean region. We are currently headquartered in a 25,000 square foot facility in Tres Monjitas Industrial Park, Hato Rey. At this location we house our four company business segments; packaging machinery, packaging consumables, spare parts, and engineering/service. Our company provides a total solution approach to packaging challenges for Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, beverage, distillery, chemical, electrical, electronic, warehousing/logistics, plastics, and container industries throughout the Caribbean, México and Latin America. The company’s staff includes sales, customer-service, engineering and technical-support specialists, dedicated to providing packaging products and services tailored to meet specific customer needs.


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Our corporate structure covers every aspect of our client requirements—from packaging machinery and materials to engineering, implementation, and support. Our Packaging Machinery division and our partners (top PMMI and European companies) specialize in the design and installation of primary packaging machinery. Inter-Strap also offers equipment support through its Technical Services division. In addition, Inter-Strap’s Packaging Consumables division offers an all-inclusive inventory of packaging materials such as 3M product line, as well as strapping, films, tapes, adhesives, staples labels, ribbons, foam and bubble wrap.


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Calle Angel Buonomo #371 Urb Industrial Tres Monjitas Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00918

PO Box 12367 San Juan, Puerto Rico 00914

Office Phone: 787-771-5230 Fax: 787-765-2130

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